Thursday, November 1, 2007

Mi familia

I. CAN'T. focus. My parents are coming for a visit.

Very, very soon. Like, in 5 days. (eek!)

This is a truly great event because: 1 - I love my family more than words can say. 2 - I live 1237 miles from home, but hey, who's counting? 3 - They've only been to "the south" one other time since I moved here. And 4 - my husband and I just bought our first home on August 27th.

In the words of an infamous child commercial star, "I'm too excited to sleep!" or work.

Now if only the rest of my immediate (and not so immediate) family would stow away in their suitcases... (It's a non-stop flight. They could totally make it.)


Trish said...

Welcome to Georgia, and to the Bulldog Nation! Woof! I came across your blog from the Pioneer Woman, and wanted to drop a line. Don't worry about fitting in here down South, we're pretty friendly.

And if you need a recipe for cooking fresh turnip greens for Thanksgiving, just let me know! ;- )

Happy Thanksgiving,