Sunday, March 30, 2008

The End Is Nigh

Bailey and I were out doing a "quick return" yesterday and made a small detour at Payless.

While looking for appropriate work shoes, Bailey and I managed to find the "cutest shoes ev-ar."

"No, seriously, I've found the cutest pair."

So we counted to 3 and walked around the corner...

We had on the exact SAME pair of shoes.

I don't really need to point out that she's 10 and I'm just slightly over 21. :- ) However, she is going on 11, which we all know is, like, the next 21.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I'm a winner, baby...

Woohoo ya'll! Look what I just won!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Works For Me Wednesday: Prolonging razorblades

I was just amazed at how well this works, so I wanted to share it with my fellow WFMW-ers.

Instead of having to replace my razor blade every week, I'm able to go several weeks with the same razor blade before I feel the overwhelming urge to toss it!

When I'm done shaving in the shower/tub instead of letting it air dry, I rub the razor blade against my towel, or heat it with the blow dryer for a few seconds. According to Clark Howard the reason why our razor blades dull is soap and water residue; not all that hair!

I just love Clark's insight and crazy ideas, especially when they work for me! :- ) And this one will save me OVER $90 a year. ($8.95/4 razors = $2.24. 1 razor/week * 52 weeks = $116.48.) 1 razor blade @ $2.24 every six weeks for 52 weeks = $20.13.) $116.48 - $20.13 = $96.35.

Clark and his other readers say they can make a disposable blade or razor last for a year to 17 months! Can you imagine?! That's $2.24 (1 razor/17 months) vs. $170.24 (1 razor/week for 17 months).

Take a peak over at Rocks In My Dryer to see what other great ideas are being shared! :D

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Home plate

Well, this is certainly not a post I anticipated.

Shannon over at Rocks In My Dryer is debating on what to do with her china that she registered for when she and her husband got married. It's beautiful. I mean, REALLY beautiful, but she has *never* used it. Her dilemma is: toss (ebay)or save (pass onto her daughter)? I, for one, would keep it.

Anyway, so she pulled out her camera and started taking pictures of her dishes and asked that we reciprocate. Personally, I think she wants us all to look a-fool with her, and since I'm always willing to help out my fellow fool, here goes.

Our everyday dinnerware the hubs and I registered for 2 1/2 years ago; we eat off them EVERY night unless we're camping:

When we camp I use the plastic, day-glo green plates, bowls and 32 oz. cups you find at Walmart for $1.97. Of course, I can't find a picture.

This is the set my parents use for their everyday dining and I think it will always remind me of my mother:

Her formal dinnerware is beautiful and of course I don't have a picture.

Lately, I've been eyeing some tuscan-style plates:

Anyone else craving Shrimp Carbonara?

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

WFMW: Backwards Edition

Oh, thank goodness!

Shannon over at Rocks In My Dryer is hosting her weekly Works For Me Wednesday and today it's backwards! I get to ask YOU the tough questions.

I love shoes. However my mama-jama feet are big AND wide. Yes, I was blessed with phonebooks for feet. Well not really, but it feels that way when I'm trying to buy shoes and they're either too small in length or they're squishing the piggies. *Oink*

Does someone know of a great website that sells trendy, attractive shoes at an affordable price. Before ya'll get crazy with the "OMW, how can she not know about xxxxx?" (Read: or or Let me assure you, I do know, however, there has never been an attractive pair of shoes for less than $90 on those sites in all my years of looking. Anything that fits (I'm an 11.5-wide *most 11s are too small and a 12 is too big*) and is reasonable ($60 or less) belongs in the nursing home's "lost and found" box.

Go ahead -- prove me wrong! I dare you. PUH-LEASE! :- )