Saturday, February 9, 2008

I'm not sure I like you, 2008.

This has been a trying year, thus far. Not necessarily in a good way, but I digress, because God always provides.

First, there was the "medical scare."

Then there was the pulled muscle.

Now, it's my poor Passat. 2008, you my friend, have JUST gone too far. As I type this my car is on the side of 316 with a broken timing belt. Jason says if we're lucky it'll be $800. If he'd have to go on gut feeling it'd be $2000, but if we're being kicked while we're down it'll be $4000 because apparently when your timing belt brakes you can bend the valves or break a piston or the head gasket. Niiiiiiice.

So, as I sit in my VERY clean house and prepare for THE baby shower of the year, my dear hubby is researching local repair shops and getting towing estimates. Oh, and our nice big IRS refund check that was going towards the last of our credit card "debt"? It's now going to the car.