Sunday, December 2, 2007

Heavenly scents and paint fumes...

I stated a week or so ago that I had a hard time committing to a paint color and I finally was talked into “look, JUST look at samples.” So I pooh-poohed over the Hubs tangerine and melon choices and then I saw it from across the fluorescent lit aisle. Beautimous, fabulous, lovely. PAINT.

Caramel Sugar. I am so not kidding. Then another, Cinnamon Brulee. We left the large retailer *rhymes with clothes* and went home and watched us some SEC football because after all I am just "not ready."

Somewhere between hot cocoa and and warm gingerbread cookies I said, “I want them both.” The hubs said he wasn’t sure why I’d want either LSU or Tennessee since he’s a diehard member of the Bulldog Nation, but he smiled and we went back to “rhymes with clothes.”

I don’t know if it was HDTV euphoria or the possibility of the Dawgs making it to the Rose Bowl without making it to the SEC, but we proudly walked up to the paint counter and said “Caramel Sugar AND Cinnamon Brulee, please.”

It’s now 5 hours later and the bathroom is glowing in warm Cinnamon Brulee. I am in love. Yes, I am.